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Glass Curtains allow you to completely transform, the look, functionality, and design of your home.


They can turn a once unused space into a great additional room that can be used all year round.


Many people opt for Glass curtains rather than enclosing spaces completely with traditional windows and doors,


because of their versatility, clean sleek look, and the ability to fully open the enclosed space.


With Glass curtains, there are no chunky PVC or wooden frames which appeals greatly to those with stunning views.


They also offer you the ability to extend your main living space to the outdoors, giving you a feeling of one

big open plan space, Whilst allowing the maximum possible light into the room.


Here in Spain, Glass curtains are very popular as they allow many people to enclose terraces which become unused

in the colder winter months, Whilst still allowing them to fully open the terrace in the summer months.


Glass Curtains Murcia


The glass can also be coated with a film to add privacy, and reduce the level of heat coming through,

Alternatively, we have a range of blinds available for added privacy and protection from the sun.


We can help you design and plan the spaces best suited to applying and benefiting from Glass curtains with

your property with our free design visits.


For more information feel free to contact us and request your


Free No Obligation Quotation.