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A good quality, and well-installed Toldo, can provide you with some much-needed shade and relief from the sun.


With an average of 320 days of sunshine each year in Murcia, Sometimes it's nice to have a cool place to relax outside.


The market and range of Toldos for sale has increased over the years, as too has the technology for them.


We can provide you with quotes on every type of Toldo available from manual ones, to automatic remote controlled ones.


We even have the latest Toldos which come enabled with an auto closing function when the wind speed picks up.


TOLDOS FOR SALE LOS ALCAZARES           Your Move Home Improvements Toldos

                                CLOSED POSITION                                                                                       FULLY OPENED                                   



All of our Toldos are available in a great range of sizes, colours, and fabric options, With additional colour options for the main unit and extendable arms.


We can also supply and fit larger shade structures with a retractable roof, that can be opened manually or automatically.


This is a great way to create a relaxing seating or dining area, away from the heat of the sun, whilst remaining outdoors.


Outdoor sun shades murcia


Again these structures are available in a range of different sizes and colour options.


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